Podcast script: Mindfulness @ Christmas Day 2

Music credit – Snowflake BORRTEX

Hello and welcome to part 2 of mindfulness @ christmas.

No need to worry if you miss a day or listen to these in different orders. Each day is individual for you to use any time you wish over the christmas period. 

Todays mindfulness task is based on listening. Day to day we hear sounds, but do we ever just hear them and acknowledge them as they are? Instead we hear something and our mind instantly forms an opinion or creates an emotion to associate with that sound. 

Or what is probably more accurate is how our mind ignores sounds, when the mind is busy somethings about our daily lives get missed. You might surprise yourself today with what you actually hear when you take a moment to be still, be present and just listen. 

So give yourself a moment and lets connect with todays mindfulness task.

***Music starts*** 

Adjust your shoulders, and your hips, let your body become comfortable. 

Softly close your eyes and bring your attention to your breath. Breathe in, and breathe out. 

Let the softness of your breath connect you to right now. 

Do you being to notice that focusing on your breath allows your mind to become still and your body relax.

Enjoy your breath for a moment. 

Begin to notice how connected to the present moment your breath makes you feel. The calmness, the stillness of being with your breath. 

As you breathe, shift your attention to the sounds you hear, notice each sound and allow it to pass by. No need to distinguish them, or even know what they are. 

Just notice the sounds, are they loud, quiet, do they have a rhythm. Do you start to notice layers of sound. 

Allow yourself a few moments to truly listen and observe.

Notice the calmness of just listening to your surroundings.

Gently bring your attention back to your breath. Take one more deep breath in, and out.

Slowly wiggle your fingers and your toes, gently open your eyes. 

Enjoy todays mindfulness task and thank you for listening. 

***Music ends***

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