Podcast script: Mindfulness @ Christmas Day 6

Music credit – Snowflake BORRTEX

Hello and welcome to part 6 of mindfulness @ Christmas. 

Today we are going to be focusing on a colour. Christmas time has some amazing colours, but we sometimes become colour blind over Christmas when we get busy.

We are going to be focusing on the colour green. It is everywhere around Christmas. Trees and holly to name just two examples, but the one we all remember when we see green is an Elf. 

Find yourself a comfortable position and lets delve into the colour green today.

***Music starts***

Adjust your shoulders, adjust your hips, softly close your eyes.

Allow yourself to focus on your breath. Breathe in and breathe out.

Notice how your breath becomes gentle and unforced in your body.

Breathe out and let go of tension.

Imagine you are in a forest of Christmas trees.

They effortlessly stand around you, providing you with this secret space to escape from the world.

Look at the trees that surround you, are they small or tall, what they all have in common is the colour green. Different shades, but all still green. 

Take a moment to enjoy how green the trees are that create you this quiet space.

Green is a natural colour, it is around us everyday. Notice how relaxed and safe you feel in this forest of Christmas trees. 

Enjoy being amongst nature for a moment. The quietness, how grounded the colour green makes you feel. 

Notice how you now feel, then today when you see the colour green, give yourself a moment to breathe deeply and come back to this feeling.

Take one more deep breath in and deep breath out.

Wiggle your fingers and your toes, slowly open your eyes.

Enjoy your day.

Thank you for listening. 

***Music ends***

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