Moments of Stillness

Friday 4th March 2022

This blog has been rather inactive for the past 18 months or so. With the events of the world which seem to continue to bring sadness to our hearts, I decided to step away from my blog. To find some space and stillness within myself. For this reason I am initially going to type when I find moments of stillness, to give people an inside into where the ideas come from for my podcast relaxations / meditations. Which I do hope to restart in the near future. I find myself recently allowing myself time to sit with my feelings, to breathe and identify them. For no other reason than awareness. Sometimes awareness is all you need, with a still moment to notice how your mind and body are feeling. Thank you for your patience with my absence and hopefully this is a positive step in returning to the world of my blog and podcast.

Thursday 1st December 2022

Well …. my ability to find moments of stillness with my laptop to type and decompress my brain has been a struggle. With so much time spent with technology all I wanted to do was spend as much time without it as i could. Enjoy spending time with family and loved ones. However my blog was always present at the back of my mind. With the one question:

‘when will be the right time to go back to my blog and creating content for its podcast’

Which may only appear on Spotify if I cannot sort my technology issues out with the podcast app … Come on apple, help a girl out! Anyway I am rambling. The one question that was at the back of my mind and the one thing I kept telling myself was, trust your gut with when it’s the right time to go back. It will happen, be patient and be kind to yourself. It will happen when it happens. I mean I created the podcast at a time when it felt right to give me a creative outlet for being calm. I know, who knew teaching yoga and having a calming voice AND enjoying to talk a lot would give me an outlet for connecting with people too slow down the body and mind from anywhere across the globe. Kind of exciting really. Well today seemed to be the day. I happened to log in on the 1st of December and my Mindfulness@Christmas series was just sitting in the drafts … waiting to go. So I spent an hour scheduling and publishing (feeling rusty about my lack of connecting with this site for months) and by the end of it I felt at peace with the question I had been so curious to know when I would get the answer. What I have learnt is not all questions will have an immediate answer, sometimes you have to be patient … (as hard as that can be sometimes) and allow things to fall into place when they should. Which gave me a nice idea for a meditation ‘when’. When do you make a decision? When do you take a chance? When do you decide to change the direction of your life? I am lucky enough for my ‘when’ moments to manifest organically and my body and mind to just know ‘when’ something feels like it should do. Today was a ‘when’ moment and I am very happy to have my my podcast back in my hobbies.

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