Busy bee

So much to do, so little time. You wake up on Monday, blink and suddenly its Thursday afternoon.

The term ‘busy bee’ comes to mind. However lets not look at being busy as a bad thing. There is enough information in the world to show that slowing down is a good thing.

At times being busy cannot be avoided – there are deadlines, some enjoy being challenged. Sometimes we are just ‘busy bees’.

Question is – What happens when the bee runs out of buzz?

Nothing lasts forever, what if looking at slowing down could allow you to focus, function and be more productive when you are busy.

Maybe taking a few minutes out of your day, to be aware of all the things you have achieved, could give you that extra edge over your busy life.

Wouldn’t it be nice to embrace the busy for a moment of positive reflection.

Enjoy this relaxation, focusing on awareness of busyness.

Music credit:¬†Aube –¬†REMY BOURGEOIS

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