Just Breathe

Ever been so busy, sometimes you wish you could just stop to breathe?

You might have smiled reading that and thought …… everyday.

Well now is your chance.

Everyday you can tell yourself to ‘just breathe’ and take one deep breath in and one deep breath out. This will allow you to ground yourself to the now and not continue to be swept up in the business of your life.

Having the chance to just breathe will give you that split second to stop your thoughts, both positive and negative. This then enables you to reset, look, listen and imagine things in a slightly different perspective to how they just were.

Today we will build on the last relaxation, focusing more clearly on the breath and to notice how it makes us feel. So that anytime you just need that moment to take a breathe you can bring yourself back to the calmness you experienced with this relaxation.

Music credit:¬†Aube –¬†REMY BOURGEOIS

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