Let go

We have all been there, a moment when everything feels on top of us.

Mind on overdrive, it feels like it will explode. Body feeling so tight that your shoulders are in your ears and the thought of bending in any sort of direction ….. you will break.

Even the smallest of things …. someone typing too loudly, maybe even someone breathing (you know its bad when that happens).

So tense and unable to focus because anything and everything is making you irritated, you give yourself the release by getting angry and say something to someone you later feel bad about. However in that split moment you feel better because you ‘let go’.

What if you decided to let go in a more positive and productive way. A way that effects you and only you, no shouting at someone or making them feel uncomfortable.

A way that only impacts the way you see the world and decisions you then make.

Press play.

Music credit: Aube – REMY BOURGEOIS

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