Podcast script: Beginning

Music credit: Aube – REMY BOURGEOIS

Hello and welcome to episode 9 of grounded in stillness.

January the 1st 2019.

Its the one day of the year we wake up and think ‘time for a new start’.

Which is what we are going to focus on today. As new starts can sometimes seem daunting, where to begin, what do I do. We shall start with being in the moment.

Get comfortable and lets start 2019 as you plan to continue.

***Music starts***

Adjust your shoulders, your hips, become aware of your breath.

Breathe in deeply, breathe out deeply.

Allow your breath to be slow and unforced. Allow your body to take over, let the mind switch off.

Breathe in and breathe out.

Imagine a blank piece of paper in front of you.

A brand new piece of paper, no imperfections of any kind on it. Almost like how a new year starts.

You allow yourself to stare at this piece of paper.

How white the paper is, how empty the paper is.

Then you start to think what an opportunity this is. You are starting with nothing, no expectations, no set in stone plans.

This piece of paper would allow you to write down anything you might want to achieve or consider trying for the first time in 2019.

What originally seemed like a scary empty piece of paper, now fills you with excitement, as you can do whatever you like with this piece of paper.

You can do whatever you like with 2019.

Enjoy a few slow breathes looking at this empty piece of paper. The unknown of 2019.

The calmness of being with your breath, to take in the moment of nothing.

To enjoy the start of another year.

Take one more nice deep breath in and out. Let your breath return to its natural rhythm, gently wiggle your fingers and your toes. Slowly open your eyes.

Welcome to 2019.

Enjoy and thank you for listening.

***Music ends***

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