Podcast script: Mindful meditation – Grounded to the present moment

Music credit – Snowflake BORRTEX

Hello and welcome to part 4 of 5 mindful meditations.

The present moment. How often are you aware of yourself in the exact moment you are doing something.

We do a lot of things on autopilot, walking, driving, work, even exercise.

When was the last time you were truly present instead of just going through the motions to get things done.

This meditation is going to connect you to the present moment, so you can then put this into practise day to day.

So find a comfortable position, sitting or laying, the choice is yours.

*** Music starts***

Adjust your shoulders, adjust your hips.

Allow your arms and legs to feel heavy.

Slowly close your eyes.

Let your jaw relax and eye lids soften.

Become aware of your breath.

Breathe in deeply, breathe out deeply.

Feel your chest gently rise and fall.

Notice the length of your in breath, the length of your out breath.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Give yourself permission to switch off, both in body and mind.

Feel the gentleness of your breath as it moves through your body.

Do you begin to notice the stillness around you.

The calmness.

How right now, in this present moment, nothing has your attention other than your breath.

How the only thing in your body which is moving is the breath.

Observe the stillness of your body.

The heaviness.

How your body feels so heavy you could not move even if you wanted to.

How the stillness of your body, draws the stillness from around you, into you.

Into your body.

Into your mind.

Do you begin to notice how the stillness grounds you to the present.

To yourself.

To how still your body has become.

To the gentleness of your breath.

How the stillness anchors you to right now, this exact moment.

Notice how kind your breath is to your body.

How the breath and stillness connect.

Do you begin to feel your breath slow, the rise and fall of the chest become shallower.

To allow you to connect deeper with the stillness.

To connect you deeper with this exact moment in time.

These precious few moments, where stillness and your breath need each other.

To allow you to let go.

To feel grounded.

To feel still.

To enjoy nothing.

Be aware of how still your entire body is.

The only movement throughout your entire body is the very gentle lift and lower of the chest as you breathe.

How the breath allows you to fall deeper into stillness.

Deeper into the awareness of this exact moment.

However stillness has not only grounded your body to right now.

Do you notice the stillness of the mind.

The space you have allowed yourself to create.

The openness, the emptiness of the mind.

The stillness of the mind.

How the stillness of the mind became natural as you allowed yourself this moment.

To just be.

To let go.

To take a rare selfish moment for yourself.

To escape. To connect to the present.

Enjoy the stillness of the mind and body.

How the mind, body and breath naturally fit with stillness.

How maybe, in a fast moving world, a moment to be still could ground you back to the present.

A moment for you to stop in time, to take a deep breath in and deep breath out to remind yourself how you feel in body and mind right now.

That moment to stop.

To stop thoughts and feelings in place.

For a small moment of time so you can breathe. So you can ground yourself back to you. Back to where you are in that exact moment in time.

Enjoy a few moments grounded to the present.

To enjoy the awareness of the right now.

To just be.

Gently take one more breath in and breath out.

Let your breath return to its natural rhythm.

Take a moment to enjoy the stillness. Then when you feel ready, break the stillness by gently moving your fingers and your toes.

Notice how it feels to break the stillness.

Slowly open your eyes.

Thank you for listening.

*** Music ends ***

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