Mindful meditation – Grounded to the present moment

The present moment.

As you read this are you aware of your surroundings, where you sit or stand.

The noises, smells, people.

Or as you read this are you unaware of where you are at this exact moment. Has your mind become used to blocking out things around you, instead of awareness of you in that exact moment in time.

We spend a lot of our lives moving from place to place and always doing.

This separates us from our actions and surroundings.

How often do you get time to stop, look up from your phone or laptop and take a deep breath in and out. To observe where you are, to observe your breath.

You might even notice just taking that pause, to do nothing for a short moment, allows you to fell how you sit or stand.

To ground you into that exact moment.

This grounding will focus you on the present. Allowing you to see and think clearer.

Who wouldn’t enjoy being able to think clearer.

Sometimes all it takes is that one breath, that one moment of nothing to hit the reset button in the mind and body.

Enjoy this relaxation that focuses on the present. On the stillness, on the breath in that exact moment in time.

Music credit – Snowflake BORRTEX

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