Observation meditation – The hands

Babies hands are so small and delicate, then in old age the hands are the opposite in size but just as delicate.

As a baby the hands have no story to tell. As we age the hands tell their own story.

The hands become worn and harden to our day to day tasks.

They allow us to pick things up.

They allow us to touch.

They allow us to feel different textures and temperatures.

You might grow your nails.

You might bite your nails.

You might even enjoy to express yourself with painting them a variety of vibrant colours.

Maybe it is jewellery you enjoy to put on your fingers. Some might represent highly significant times in your life, engagement, marriage.

Or your hands signify the end of commitments, the skin has left an indent where a wedding band used to be.

This meditation focuses on observing your hands.


Music credit: Aube – REMY BOURGEOIS

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