Podcast script: Time out – Flow

Music credit: Reflections – BORRTEX

Hello and welcome to part 6 of the time out series on grounded in stillness.

How are you doing today? We have had our lives flipped upside down recently, adapted to the change, to the loss of loved ones before their time and managing the toughness of not being able to see family or friends.

Spending so much time at home can sometimes feel like you cannot catch a break. Always something to do, always someone to ring and check they are ok.

Maybe you begin to miss those moments were you used to get to sit and watch the world go by. If you are like me a coffee on a park bench and people watching was always a nice break. Or sitting at the beach eating your sandwiches on your lunch break looking out to sea.

This relaxation meditation is designed to give you back that escape. Laying on the soft grass looking at the clouds on a sunny day, watching them slowly move by.

I hope you enjoy this one.

So find yourself a comfortable position to relax in, sitting or laying the choice is yours.

***Music starts***

Adjust your shoulders, adjust your hips.

Allow your body to settle into place.

Eye lids to slowly close.

Breathe in deeply, breathe out deeply.

Allow your jaw to relax and maybe your mouth to slightly open.

The muscles of your face to relax.

A few moments to just breathe.

A few moments to allow every muscle in your body to relax into place.

Using the gentleness and deepness of your breath to signal to your body it is ok to stop, it is ok to relax.

Breathe and be still.

Now begin to imaging you are sitting or laying outside.

On the soft grass that has been gently warmed by the sun.

You feel the sun gently warming your skin.

The warmth of the sun allowing your body to relax deeper into the soft grass.

To relax deeper into stillness.

You even notice a gentle breeze as it softly brushes past your skin.

As you sit or lay in place you allow your eye gaze to drift up to the sky.

The pale blues and brighter blues you observe as you look at the sky.

Clouds dotted around the sky.

Soft, fluffy and white.

Enjoy a moment to breathe and take in the sky above you.

So far away, yet so clear to see.

As you breathe, observe how for a few moments everything seems to be still.

Your body.

The sky.

The clouds.

Then you begin to notice the clouds very slowly moving. So slowly that unless we take these moments to stop and observe the world, we would never see them.

Those small moments that we only observe when we are completely present.

You begin to notice your breath slow, as you connect to how slowly the clouds move with the flow of the breeze in the sky.

Reminding you it is ok to take a few moments to look at the sky, to watch the clouds go with the flow of their environment. As you too adapt to the flow of your environment.

You become so aware of the sky as you relax in place. You begin to notice the shapes in the sky.

Then you allow your imagination a moment to be free. What shapes does your mind make with the clouds.

Maybe a happy face, a heart or an animal.

Enjoy a moment with what your imagination creates in the sky.

Become lost in the clouds and the images your mind forms.

A rare moment for you to just let go and your mind to be free to think of whatever it wishes.

Then the clouds return to a moment of stillness.

As you connect deeper to your breath. To this exact moment of stillness.

The sky gently fades from your mind and your awareness returns to your body in place.

To the in breath.

To the out breath.

Gently take one more deep breath in, deep breath out.

Allow your breath to return to its natural rhythm.

Gently wiggle your fingers and your toes.

Slowly open your eyes when you are ready.

Thank you for listening.

***Music ends***

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