Time out – Holiday

Currently we all have to stay at home, the idea of going on holiday feels like a dream.

However now things are the way they are, have you noticed or perspectives have changed on things?

Things that before we would find annoying or an inconvenience we would welcome without a bad word to say.

Like when we go on holiday and constantly looking at our watch for the taxi to collect us.

Impatiently waiting for check in and the hassle of the security check.

So today we are going on holiday. The end destination is entirely up to you. We are going to live in the moment of the journey until we get on the plane and take off.

It is funny how when we are unable to do something we tend to flip things we would usually find annoying or a pain, into something we look forward to being able to do again.

Maybe when this is over we will all look at things with a different perspective, no longer taking things for granted.


Music credit: Reflections – BORRTEX

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