This title sums up the reason for my absence. However this absence from my bog and podcast has not been for negative reasons, rather the opposite.

I know when we initially think of the word alone you might think: escape, solitude, getting away from reality, being away from people. Or with what has happened over the past few months you may relate to alone as being cut off from the world, feeling disconnected.

With everything being online and electronic while we have been working from home, you may have felt that pressure of always smiling, being ok, still fitting the box of your job description while working in a completely different environment. The more frequent connections with friends over video calls, which for some will be more connection with friends than you ever had before this situation happened.

Being alone can have a real positive on your life. Not from the point of finding a quiet space to get away from family, house mates, work or life. I’m more interested in the opportunity to be alone to check in with how you are.

We all too often can be on video call number 100 (I know that is being dramatic but you know the feeling) of the day, tired, drained, eyes hurting and desperate for some time away from the screen. Yet we have to focus, be alert and smile that we are ok.

Taking the chance to be alone is when you can reflect on how you are. This can be done in the shower, before bed, or when you get a few minutes to lay down on the grass in the sun.

This relaxation is those few minutes in your day when you can let go, you can think, you can feel, you can be exactly the person you are in that moment. No need to fit into a box and be what people need you to be for your job or your family. Its those moments in your day to be free.

To be exactly who you are.

Unsure who you are?

Then this one might be just what you have been looking for to allow you to explore and learn about yourself, your values and your emotions.

I have personally really enjoyed this one and I am excited to share it with you.


Music credit: Aube – REMY BOURGEOIS

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