Sometimes your mind and body are shouting this one word at you repeatedly.

Everything feels like it is getting too much and you want a break. You get through one thing and right away life slaps you round the face with another.

However if you stop, you have failed (we all think it). We are wired as humans to keep going, to ‘survive’. Being able to stop is harder than to just keep pushing forward.

So what if  you gave yourself those few moments to stop, to connect and change the game life is playing out.

What if those precious few moments to stop, give you an advantage over the challenges you face. To regroup and reprocess all those things that are starting to make you feel overwhelmed, maybe even sometimes feel like they are suffocating you.

Stopping might allow you to go from surviving to thriving.

Enjoy this relaxation to stop, be still, be present.

Music credit:¬†Aube –¬†REMY BOURGEOIS

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