Podcast script: Disconnect

Music credit: Aube – REMY BOURGEOIS

Hello and welcome to episode 7 of grounded in stillness.

Today we are looking at being able to disconnect.

This relaxation focuses on your breath to create a space where you can disconnect from the world.

If you wish to read a little more about the blog behind this relaxation, head over to groundedinstillness.com.

So find a comfortable position to relax in, be this sitting or laying, the choice is yours.

***Music starts***

Gently close your eyes, adjust your shoulders and your hips, let your arms and legs feel heavy.

Become aware of your breath. Deep breath in, deep breath out.

Notice the slowness of your breath. Notice how the slowness creates a feeling of calm through your body.

How the deepness of your breath creates space in your body and mind.

Take a moment to truly notice the deepness and space as you breathe.

Allow yourself to become absorbed by this space. The emptiness, vastness, stillness of this space.

Imagine this space in your mind, disconnect from the world, just be.

This space might be light or dark, whichever your mind chooses as peaceful is ok. This is your personal escape.

To let go, to disconnect from thoughts, feelings, how busy the world is.

Notice how the deeper you breath, this space becomes bigger, you begin to feel freer and your body begins to relax deeper.

This space is yours, the one space you can completely disconnect and focus on yourself. To be with your breath and enjoy the quietness, the stillness, the emptiness of this space.

Enjoy a few moments completely disconnected.

Notice how being able to disconnect isn’t as scary as you think.

In your mind this space always exists, you just need to take a deep, slow breath in and out for you to disconnect for a brief moment, to allow your mind and body to still.

Whenever you wish to disconnect for longer, spend time with your breath, breathe slowly, be present with your breath and escape to this space in your mind.

So whenever things seem to be too much, remember this space in your mind, how it makes you feel. You can return to it anytime, any place you wish.

Take one more nice deep breath in, and out.

Let your breath return to its natural rhythm, gently wiggle your fingers and toes, slowly open your eyes and reconnect to the world.

Thank you for listening.

***Music ends***

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