Is coming to a close. 

How did the year turn out for you? When you think back to Jan 2018 are you still the same person then as you are now. 

I can safely say I am not, however for good reasons, not bad. 

We always spend time moving forward and looking forward.

How do you move forward without reflecting on the past?

How do you know where life will take you without taking a moment to process the moments you are proud of (and not so proud).

Processing things that happen is very important, it allows us to see them as they truly are, not what the mind ‘thinks’ happened. 

Today we will focus on processing 2018 – so we can leave it in 2018. With no regrets, no do overs, just acceptance of how this year went.


Music credit:¬†Aube –¬†REMY BOURGEOIS

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