Fast, speed, quick, hurry. 

All words we are used to hearing day to day. 

Life demands have left us and others wanting things instantly. 

The idea that juggling several things at once and being busy, means we are achieving and being successful. 

However how often do you find multitasking stressful, so much to do and it feels like it never ends. 

We live in a fast moving world, fact – the world moves 1000 miles per hour (measured at the equator) to do a full rotation in 24hrs. 

Could you keep up with moving at a 1000 miles an hour? 

The world will continue to turn and you will continue to get things done, but ……. what would happen if you allowed yourself 10 minutes to slow down. 

Think of it like running a marathon, a brief stop at a water station. 

Will you be brave enough to slow yourself down to snails pace for 10 minutes? 


Music credit: Aube – REMY BOURGEOIS

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