Mindful meditation – Power of the breath

Breathing is a natural part of our existence, when we take our last breath we part from the world we know.

However something so fragile, we do without thought or consideration to how lucky we are every day.

We move through life from one thing to another, one meeting to another, one school run to another.

This keeps our body busy, so busy in fact you probably hadn’t even thought about your breath until reading this.

Depression, anxiety, PTSD and all sorts of mental health conditions impact thousands of people around the world.

These keep our mind busy, disconnecting us from the world around us and our body.

The breath is so powerful to reconnect your mind and body. The breath allows you to slow down, to pause, to give yourself that much needed time out.

What if we could use our breath not only to breath and give life to our body to do all the things we enjoy, instead to unleash the potential we have within us.

I challenge anyone to listen to todays mindful meditation.

Unleash the simplicity of being aware of your breath and how that impacts your body and mind.


Music credit – Snowflake BORRTEX

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