Tall, stable, stands strong and faces whatever the environment throws at it.

A trees roots run deep to ground it in place. 

As humans we do not have roots to keep us in one place, however we have core values / beliefs and these are the roots of who we are. They guide and shape our decisions, our interpretations of the world and situations around us. 

However one thing humans do differently to trees is we run away from feelings or situations. Trees are rooted in place and have no option but to face the storm and see how they come out the other side.

Trees face things and assess any damage or repairs needed once they have passed. Humans try to out run a difficult situation or feeling and try whatever possible to not have to face it.

What if we could be more like trees, stay true to our roots and face anything the world throws at us? 

This relaxation focuses on being like a tree, strong, stable, ready to face anything the world throws at us. 

Music credit: Aube – REMY BOURGEOIS

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