Podcast script: Observation meditation – The mind

Music credit: Aube – REMY BOURGEOIS

Hello and welcome to part 1 of this 14 part observation meditation series.

This series will challenge you to become aware of your observing self. Allowing you a few moments of stillness from your thinking self.

We all know how to act and do, but how often do we practise observing.

Sometimes it is the small details we usually miss which can have the biggest impact on our lives.

This relaxation focuses on observing your mind.

So find yourself a comfortable position to relax in, be this sitting or laying the choice is yours.

***Music starts***

Adjust your shoulders, adjust your hips.

Allow your eyes to close.

Body to relax into position.

Become aware of your breath.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Then bring your attention to your mind.

Imagine you are sat inside your head, watching the thoughts move past you.

Notice how much you think.

The things you think about.

As you observe your thoughts, you might notice they begin to slow.

Becoming less frequent.

Creating space in your mind.

Connecting to the observing self, causes the thinking self to slow.

Because we cannot think and observe at the same time. One will always have to be dominant.

Enjoy your observing self.

How the thoughts slow, how the mind begins to calm.

Notice the space and stillness in your mind.

The beauty of observing your mind means no actions required.

A moment all to yourself to observe your mind.

Take one more deep breath in, deep breath out.

Allow your breath to return to its natural rhythm.

Gently wiggle your fingers and your toes.

Slowly open your eyes.

Thank you for listening.

***Music ends***

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