Observation meditation – The mind

We are all very good at doing, reacting and creating.

When was the last time you observed?

No judgement, no need to change anything. Just allow something to be exactly as it is.

Within us there is our thinking self and this rarely switches off. It determines our opinions of things and our feelings on situations (some of which our thinking self makes up).

There is also an observing self and this has stayed constant since birth. How we observe never changes. The sad part is we rarely connect to our observing self.

This part of us can actually cause the thinking self to quiet, creating space and calmness within our minds and bodies.

This 14 part series is going to look at observation meditations of the body.

I hope you enjoy the stillness and a chance to step back and observe.

Music credit:¬†Aube –¬†REMY BOURGEOIS

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