Podcast script: Observation meditation – The feet

Music credit: Aube – REMY BOURGEOIS

Hello and welcome to part 11 of 14 for this observation meditation series.

Feet, they are at the end of our legs and are in control of the direction our legs go.

However when was the last time you allowed your feet to stop moving.

Enjoy the opportunity to put your feet up for a few moments today.

Find yourself a comfortable position, sitting or laying the choice is yours.

*** Music starts ***

Adjust your shoulders, adjust your hips.

Allow your body to settle into stillness.

Slowly become aware of your breath.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Become aware of your feet.

How they rest in place.

How the tops of your feet feel.

How your big toe feels.

How your second toe feels.

How your third toe feels.

How your fourth toe feels.

How your fifth toe feels.

Observe your toes for a moment.

Slowly bring your attention to the soles of your feet.

The change in pressure on the soles of your feet as you rest in place instead of walking.

How the back of your heels rest in place.

Maybe it feels nice to not have shoes rubbing at the back of your heels.

Enjoy observing your feet.

How still your feet are.

A moment to be kind to your feet, for anywhere your mind asks them to go the feet will go.

Even now in the stillness the feet reflect your mind.

The calmer the mind, the greater the stillness within your feet.

Observe your feet. Observe your minds effect on your feet.

Take one more deep breath in, deep breath out.

Allow your breath to return to its natural rhythm.

Gently wiggle your fingers and your toes.

Slowly open your eyes.

Thank you for listening.

*** Music ends ***

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