Time out – Stillness

The majority of us are now working from home. Which if like myself is bringing your work life into your home life.

Some of us used the commute home from work to let go of the working day. To signal the time to wined down and do the things we enjoy instead of the things we are paid for.

We most likely also use the commute to work to set ourselves up for the day ahead. To motivate us to ‘get the job done’ so to speak.

Yet now we walk a few steps into the home office, surrounded by the familiarity of our homes and loved ones. Challenging our ability to find the motivation to work.

Then when we leave work it is a few steps out the office potentially into the small chaos of our family life. Be it children running around or pets simply wanting a cuddle. Which is tough if you have had a bad day at the office and it doesn’t feel like you left.

Where did the time to yourself go?

This is where stillness comes into play. When you sit at your desk or the exact spot you work from at home, observe the stillness. For a few moments focus on your breath and connect to your working day.

Then when the working day is over. Take those few moments to sit and observe the stillness once more. To focus on your breath and let go of the working day to be fully present with your family or pets at the end of your workout day.

This is the purpose of this relaxation.

To allow you to form a new routine to connect and disconnect from working at home. To give you the boundaries back between your work and home life, through the simple act of grounding yourself to the stillness for a few moments.

I hope you enjoy this one – it is something I have personally found useful in adjusting to my new routine.

Music credit: Reflections – BORRTEX

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