Time out – Focus

When spending a lot of time at home, you begin to learn how well you can focus.

How well you can stay focused on the new working from home routine.

How focused you can be when there are distractions in the background. Like hearing the pets playing or children enjoying the fresh air in the garden. When it would be so easy to enjoy the time with them instead of working.

Even the ability to focus when the group chat is going cray on your phone but you really need to get emails responded too.

This is when having a list of what to complete in a day becomes important. The list focuses you on the tasks at hand as well as giving satisfaction and a feeling of productivity as the day unfold.

However it is not only having a list which will allow you to focus, it is being able to connect into the present moment. Taking a few moments at points in your day to bring you back to the hear and now.

Which is what this relaxation focuses on, a short moment to focus on you and then to focus on your surroundings.


Music credit: Reflections – BORRTEX

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