Time out – Change

Currently everything has changed. Our work environment, our commute to work and our basic daily routine is nothing like it used to be.

When things change it takes time to adapt. Time to accept the changes that are happening.

However, if you allowed yourself a moment to stop assessing the changes that are happening, or even trying to hold onto the routine that was, you will become aware of your breath.

Did you realise your breath in always changing?

Breathe in, change to breathing out.

Breathe out, change to breathing in.

Before the changes that happened to our daily life, we were actually always in a state of change. But it was such a small change we didn’t realise it.

So this relaxation allows you to sit with the continuous change of your breath, to observe the change and maybe allow this internal change to provide you a coping mechanism for all the external change currently going on.


Music credit: Reflections – BORRTEX

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