Podcast script: Time out – Holiday

Music credit: Reflections – BORRTEX

Hello and welcome to part 7 of the time out series. Do you remember that funny thing we all used to like to do?

Going on holiday.

Be it a holiday you can drive to or one you need to go to the airport and catch a plane, or maybe even a boat to get to your destination. Right now a holiday is just an idea.

With no idea of when things will return to some form a new normal, I wonder how you would feel about going on holiday with your mind?

I mean it’s the safest way to go on holiday right now.

However this holiday is all about the journey we take to get there. The packing and travel time before we get to our all inclusive holiday, because right now we have all this time to reflect on the things we take for granted, and I have a feeling going on holiday is one of them.

So let’s see how going on holiday feels when all we have is time to observe and reflect on those moments that lead up to the plane taking off.

I wonder if by the end of this relaxation you might look at your next holiday from a different perspective.

So find yourself a comfortable position, sitting or laying the choice is yours.

***Music starts***

Adjust your shoulders, let your hips settle into place.

Your eyes to softly close, jaw to relax.

Just breathe.

Observe the in breath, observe the out breath.

How gently you breathe in, how gently you breathe out.

A moment for you to settle into stillness.

Now begin to imagine you are excited about a holiday you are going on tomorrow. It has been planned for ages and you have been counting down the days to finish work and turn your out of office on.

Maybe you notice a smile appear on your face as you think about the idea of going on holiday.

Then you get your suitcase out, taking a moment to observe the colour, the feel of your suit case in your hands. When was the last time you packed and took a moment to appreciate your suit case.

You take your time to fold your clothes and place them into your suit case. Maybe you pack your favourite jumper for when the temperature drops in the evenings.

Before when packing it had been a rush or a chore. However now you take the time to be present as you pack your bag for holiday.

Then you zip your case up, noticing the sound the zip makes.

Satisfied that you are packed and ready for your holiday.

The next day comes and you take the time to get into your comfy clothes that you wish to wear to the airport, knowing there will be the wait at the airport and the time spent on the plane.

Comfy yet stylish.

Then comes the time you have to sit and wait for the taxi to collect you to take you to the airport. However now you focus only on the excitement of going on holiday. Not the worries of if the taxi turns up on time.

Only focus on the things you can control. Having your passport with you, your holiday money. Knowing which terminal you need to be dropped at.

A moment to focus on the excitement and positive feelings that come with going on holiday, the feelings that come with going on an adventure.

Then the taxi arrives and you are off to the airport. Watching the world go past as you look out the window while traveling to the airport.

Enjoying the opportunity to observe the world where you are one more time, before you travel off to your holiday destination.

Before you realise it you have arrived at the airport, being so aware of the outside world as you traveled to the airport made the travel time seem faster than usual.

One stage closer to your holiday now.

Then comes check in, handing your passport over you notice the person on the check in desk smile and you return that smile. Feeling the weight of your suitcase as you life it in to be weighed and have its bag tag attached. Watching your bag disappear, knowing your holiday is almost here.

They wish you a lovely holiday and you wish them a nice day.

You become aware as your feet move across the floor to security. The sound of your carry on case as it rolls along the floor.

Arriving at security you remove your shoes, jewellery, watch. Being mindful of each item you remove and place in the tray.

Taking a deep breath in and out, before you walk through, preparing yourself for the security beep. Which never comes.

You collect your things and make your way into the airport. Seeing all the shops and food areas.

Taking a moment to observe the colours, the sounds, the smells.

Then you go and order yourself your favourite coffee or favourite drink.

Sit down and enjoy the time you have to be in the moment as you drink your drink.

The taste, the temperature.

A moment to enjoy something so simple.

Then it is time to go to the gate.

You hear your row number called and make your way onto the plane.

Finding your seat and putting your bag in the locker.

You make yourself comfortable in your seat, put your belt on hearing the click.

Then you feel your entire body relax in your seat.

Taking a deep breath in, deep breath out.

Enjoying this moment to breathe as deeply as you wish.

Connecting to the stillness as you sit in place.

Observing the movement of the plane as you feel it take off.

Take these few moments to breathe deeply, and I hope you enjoy your holiday, wherever you mind takes you today.

One more deep breath in, deep breath out.

Allow your breath to return to its natural rhythm.

Gently wiggle your fingers and your toes.

Then slowly open your eyes.

Thank you for listening.

***Music ends***

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