Time out – Alive

At the moment we can feel shut off from the world or even locked in. Even when we get to go out to do the shopping we have to wait 2 meters apart from people and be allowed in when it is our turn to shop.

The things we used to do without a second thought are now being changed. However even with all theses changes there is something really special to remember.

You are alive, and I don’t just mean you breathe, walk, talk. I mean all those little things are body can detect.

The feel of things as we hold them in our hands. How the air feels on our skin when we are outside. How the sun feels on our skin. How foods stimulate our taste buds. How light and colour are seen differently by every person.

Do you remember the last time you took a few minutes to realise how alive you are?

Enjoy this one to reconnect to how alive your body is.

Music credit: Reflections – BORRTEX

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